The Promislow lab at the University of Washington has openings for undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs interested in the evolution of aging and other life history traits, mechanisms of sexual selection, the evolution of networks, and a broad range of other evolutionary questions. Some current projects are described here.

Graduate students: Students interested in joining my lab can apply either through the Department of Pathology in the School of Medicine, where my lab will be located, through the Department of Biology, or through UW's Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate program. We work on a variety of organisms (fruit flies, companion dogs, humans) using a variety of approaches--experimental methods, computation biology, systems biology, and theory. The main criterion for joining the lab is a passion for asking interesting questions and a willingness to work hard to answer them.

Undergraduates: If you are an undergraduate at UW interested in getting involved in research, feel free to contact me at promislo [at] We typically have ~10 undergraduates in the lab working on a range of problems. In addition to those wanting to carry out empirical studies, students with interests in computational, statistical or mathematical projects are also welcome to contact me. Students from my lab have gone on to medical school, graduate school, and have obtained various scholarships (Gates, Rhodes, Intel).